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Lowering the risk of early-stage investment

investment risk Jun 17, 2021

 We suspect that when you acquire or make a significant investment in an early-stage company, your investment colleagues always consider the risk and suitability of the entrepreneur and those close to them, to take the company to the next stage. You know that the entrepreneur knows their products or services, but you will be asking yourself questions such as:

*Does the entrepreneur have the required management experience and skills to handle the issues in functional areas where they feel less at ease (e.g. manufacturing, supply challenges, customer challenges, channel issues,...

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Great business quotes from Tom Ford

fashion management Jun 11, 2021

We want to share a very business insightful article from VOGUE AUSTRALIA and journalist Julia Frank on Tom Ford’s top advice on building a Fashion Brand.

With our Mentors and Experts, we understand, live and breath Fashion and Retail every day.
You have below and in the article from Vogue a great summary that will make your investment in time and money very profitable indeed.

If you need more help, guidance and support or just operations expertise, send us an email at [email protected].

1. “Trust your instincts when it comes to design.”

2. “Never sell a...

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You are not alone! Our Speakers are with you.

expert speaker Jun 03, 2021

Speaker Panel

Our Subject Experts are all highly experienced, knowledgeable and they have a wonderful reputation in their areas of expertise. They are spread around the globe – and they are carefully and methodically vetted by us. We use our Experts to run our very successful Master Class Webinar Program which you can access from this link.

Many of our Subject Experts are regular speakers at conferences and at corporate/organisational events. Most speakers are available to you for Keynote addresses and/or workshop facilitation in your company, conferences and events.

Our Subject...

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Transformational Leadership – How to Improve Management Outcomes

leadership May 21, 2021

Proactive, collaborative and transparent leaders consider, the effect and reaction from others when looking at what changes in action, behaviour or management style will have over the team or department in their organisations. These leaders carefully measure how a decision relating to one department will affect the entire organisation. They will have an awareness of where to initiate the first action to best affect the remaining team members. These leaders understand that their work and those of each manager is only made possible with the collaboration, trust and momentum that comes from...

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Press Release - Partnership to support your business

partnership May 07, 2021

Advisory & Mentoring (A&M) and PRI from Indonesia are now partners

PRI is a boutique Human Capital consulting firm based in Jakarta and with alliances in Asia Pacific, Africa, Europe, USA and Canada.

Since 1994 they have worked across National and International organisations, Government, NGO, Private and Public sectors.

Specialisations are C-Suite search, Executive Mentoring and Coaching, Psychometric Leadership Assessments and Development, Board Advisory, Compliance and Corporate Governance, Intercultural Effectiveness Training, Human Capital Strategic Planning.


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The Loneliness in Leadership

leadership Apr 22, 2021

When we speak of “leadership” most people unsurprisingly think of CEOship.
The reality is that although CEOs are certainly leaders, there are other leaders in the organisation apart from the CEO.
Every person who has the responsibility for other people, is a leader of those people, regardless of where in the organisation they find themselves.

The CEO is the leader of the entire organisation, but the field supervisors, for example, are responsible for, and the leaders of, the people and functions under their control. A leader is frequently very lonely in the role – not...

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Your Business must rely on the 5 Pillars for Personal Success

management success Apr 03, 2020

Last month, we were working with a client in the UK in the services industry, he shared with us his 5 Pillars of success.
We thought there was a lot of common sense and he agreed that we shared his recipe with you.

Work hard on those 5 pillars:

1. ME Brand

2. TEAM Brand

3. Project Management

4. Cash Management

5. Down Time

Remember, our Advisors, Experts and Mentors are available 24/7 to guide you, support you and help you reach your goals. 

It take ONLY 1 call to see the power of critical thinking.

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