Our Subject Experts Service

Our Subject Experts operate around the world and cover over 300 subject areas.

They are experts because of their qualifications and/ or their experience. Both of these are thoroughly validated by us.

The experts provide services to our clients in three ways:

  • They provide subject expertise to our mentored clients. When a client has a specific issue they need help with or need an independent skilled view, the mentor calls on a suitable subject expert to ‘meet’ with the mentee to discuss the issue, options open to the mentee and the implications of those options.
  • Subject experts will commonly form part of an Advisory Team because of the specific issues faced by the client. Through the Advisory Team, their relationship with the client is longer term and has a much deeper understanding of the client’s context, environment, capabilities, challenges and strategies.
  • Our subject experts are also available to be brought into a client to deal with a specific issue or challenge. This may occur outside the mentoring context.
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Benefits from Subject Experts

The benefits to the client organization include:

  • Enhancement of the management capability through the provision of immediate, expert and independent advice to the client organization;
  • Client organisations can quickly access expertise specifically related to their issue, challenge or problem;
  • Our experts have both deep industry depth and well as global experience;
  • Our experts provide customised solutions and/or strategies that best suit the clients circumstances, character and needs;
  • Our experts don’t “sell through the expert but juniors do the job”;
  • Experts know best practice, as many have been instrumental in creating it;
  • If the client’s solution requires specific technical skills, then our experts either have it or know where to get it;
  • Most high-level expert recommendations/solutions require sophisticated change management to operationalise the solution – we can do that too;
  • Our experts don’t try to embed their own staff to make money at the client’s expense (and the consultant’s benefit). Our experts are what the client gets – no substitutes;
  • Our experts are objective, transparent, honest and aren’t shy – they’re older, more experienced and have already established their careers – they have much more to lose by upsetting us with poor performance for the client than losing the reward they will get from those clients.

Information for Subject Experts

A Subject Expert is a specialist (i.e. expert) in one or more disciplines relating to business and organisations.

The title of “Expert” is one that we determine based on qualifications, experience, achievements and validated testimonials in the expert’s chosen areas of speciality.

We undertake a rigorous process of validating an expert’s credentials before we offer them to our clients.

A mentor can introduce a subject expert as required by the client. The initial one to two-hour discussion between the expert and the client are commonly free of charge.

The client may wish to engage the expert for a project or assignment following the initial discussion. In such a case, any commercial arrangements are between the expert and client. The initial meeting between the expert and the client are not used to sell the expert’s services to the client, but rather to help the client deal with the issues that brought the expert to the table.

The experts provide independent and expert advice to the client. Generally, they present to the client options and an understanding of the implications of those options. They are aware of current thinking on the issues related to their areas of expertise.

Mentors can organise and facilitate intensive confidential workshops to target/solve/brainstorm specific client issues. Experts may be invited to participate in or lead workshops for a fee.

Speaker Panel

Our Subject Experts are all highly experienced, knowledgeable and they have a wonderful reputation in their areas of expertise. They are spread around the globe – and they are carefully and methodically vetted by us. We use our Experts to run our very successful Master Class Webinar Program which you can access from this link.

Many of our Subject Experts are regular speakers at conferences and at corporate/organisational events. Most speakers are available to you for Keynote addresses and/or workshop facilitation in your company, conferences and events.

Here are a few examples of some of our Subject Expert speaker topics:

  • The 5 disciplines of a leader’s mindset
  • Rectifying poor organisational decision discipline
  • Rectifying poor individual decision making
  • Living on Purpose
  • Critical and creative thinking
  • Creative problem solving for non-creative people
  • Thinking strategically
  • Lateral thinking
  • Performing under pressure: stress mastery and success strategies
  • The art and neuroscience of workplace mindsets: developing an optimum organisational story
  • Your money story: beliefs, behaviours and brain science to rewire for wealth
  • The secret language of money: surface and shadow stories
  • Planning of resources, buffer stocks and logistics under uncertainty
  • How can your tactical and strategic planning benefit from a clear definition of risk tolerance/appetite?
  • Can you predict/mitigate climate change and other “runaway” risks impacts on your business?
  • Diversification vs. interdependency and business resilience building
  • Supply chain disruption, multi-hazard risk quantification and ripple effects
  • Risk assessments “don’ts” and what people want (SLO, CSR, ESG)
  • How to commercialise conversations to win more business
  • Why are risk matrices bad for your business’s future?
  • State of affairs, success, and failures stories : what can we learn?
  • Courage
  • Moving with action over fear
  • Harnessing fear as a way to maximise high performance
  • High performance teaming and psychological safety
  • Trust in high performing teams have better conversational cultures
  • Strategy implementation
  • Digital transformation
  • Excellence in strategy execution
  • DBS Bank becoming the world's best bank
  • …and so many more.

If you require a specific topic or theme, our Subject Experts are able to develop thought-provoking, memorable, and interactive presentations to suit your needs.

Our Subject Experts are well trained in adapting their key notes to your company (small and large group settings), culture, country, goals and even your tomorrow's customers. They also work collaboratively with other speakers to deliver the results you need.

Let us know if you would like us to keep you advised of new expertise and topics as we secure them. Let me know of your interest or questions at [email protected]. We’ll put you on our update list so that you always have better options for your conferences and events.

…and yes, we’d love to meet to get to know each other. Just let me know and we’ll get the ball rolling.

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