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Advisory & Mentoring undertakes a wide range of corporate advisory and consulting work for its clients.
The combined experience of A&M’s experts and mentors exceed 3,000 years and that experience has benefited thousands of clients around the world.

Each of our experts has scores, if not hundreds of clients that have contributed to the expert’s mastery of their expertise.
Our approach to most engagements can be summarised as follows:

1. We meet to discuss your needs – this is NOT a sales ambush, nor a brainstorming or ideas session. The conversation is between mature professionals to see if we have something that fits your needs.

2. If we believe we can assist you and based on your needs, we prepare a proposal that we believe, based on the understanding we have gained from you, that will satisfy those needs.

3. The proposal normally includes:

  • A statement of our understanding of your needs.
  • An explanation of our methodology and approach.
  • What you need to provide us with (documents, people to talk to, information, facilities where relevant).
  • The proposed timeframes through to completion.
  • The proposed resources we will provide to do the job (and their experience and qualifications).
  • The deliverables – that is, the things and formats that we will provide you either progressively or at the end or both.
  • The cost and add-ons (e.g., taxes, out of pockets, travel, and accommodation where relevant).
  • Our assumptions.
  • We outline the method for communicating with you that is effective and efficient for you and for us.
  • We outline the method for reporting to you that is effective and efficient for you and for us.
  • Project contingencies and risks.
  • Getting started process.

4. You review and we amend the proposal as required until we’re both satisfied that your needs will be met.

A&M have over 300 areas of expertise that are provided by its experts, and the list is too long to list here. Send us an email at [email protected] to confirm whether we specifically work in your sector.

If you would like to have the initial discussion to see if A&M can assist you, or if you have any questions about our advisory activities, please contact Dr Jack Jacoby, the Head of Consulting at [email protected].

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