Advisory & Mentoring's 12 Pivot-Point approach

helps SMEs and Family run businesses to increase sales and profit, lower costs, lower risks, decrease timing, increase value, innovate and grow.




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You know your business and you know your industry.

You also know when you're challenged in delivering on your objectives and you need advice or extra resourcing.

A&M's 12 Pivot-Point approach and team of experts helps you examine the efficiency and effectiveness of your business operation whether it's sales, profit, value, growth, risk, customer experience, digital, leadership, or some other objective.

Once you've established what you need to do, we will help you plan a pathway forward to deliver on your objectives.

Discover our 12 Pivot-Points approach
and how it can positively impact your business

Your Benefits

Deliver Objectives

Ensuring that everything
that is done contributes
to objectives.

Higher Sales

the customer and market and
the decision-making issues.

Lower Risks

Lowering risk through
better and more focused
knowledge, systems, processes.

Better Teams

Finding ways to
recruit the best performing teams and
better lead your teams.


Creating an improved
human-centred and client-centric
business culture.

Critical Thinking

Staying up to date with the latest ideas and
critical thinking relevant to your business that
can add real value to it.

A Proven Process

Understanding and navigating the systems
of business and addressing any issues
that stand in the way of your success.

A Road Map

Making more informed decisions
and creating your clear road map
to success.

Better Plans

Developing better plans,
utilising resources more efficiently and
achieving better business outcomes.

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Our Organisation

You will access a global network that can assist you anywhere in the world.

Your team will benefit from subject experts in 350 areas of expertise.

Any member of your management team or board can connect at any time with a mature, expert, and very experienced mentor.

You can benefit from an Advisory Team built specifically around your needs.

Your company can benefit from inspirational, motivational, or expert speakers for your conferences and events.

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Implementing strategy in a digital world


Just recently, Robin Speculand has launched his latest business book on the Strategy Implementation Playbook: A Step-By-Step Guide.

Strategy implementation rarely, if ever, goes according to plan. Discover how to close the strategy implementation gap. Structured around our propriety Strategy Implementation Road Map©, this Playbook is packed with easy-to-adopt tools, tips and techniques, external articles, references, and video links.

As part of the launch, come and join us for this unique webinar: Implementing Strategy in a Digital World.

The webinar will be based on the new book and will highlight:

The challenge of implementing strategy in a digital world
The most common implementation mistakes leaders make
Hard-won insights and best practices from around the world

An essential webinar for any leader to support their implementation.

Speaker and expert: Robin Speculand 

PS After registration, you will immediately access the webinar.

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with expert Robin Speculand

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12 pivot-points and how to make better decisions, strategy implementation, sales, risk management and more ...

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