Our Advisory Team Service

Advisory & Mentoring provides an Advisory Team Service which acts as a “substitute” for the Advisory Board / Consultants to organisations and corporations.

We cover over 300 areas of expertise. The wisdom and experience of the Advisory Team & Mentoring members is immense.
Corporations / organisations rarely have access to such experience except at considerable cost. 

Some of the dimensions of this service include:

  • The Advisory Team is appointed by a client as a permanent advisory/consulting body to which a client can refer any issue. This does not stop the client appointing anyone else for specialist projects or advisory services. 
  • Advisory & Mentoring constructs the Team according to the client’s needs. The client gets to approve each member of the Team.
  • Advisory Teams are commonly composed of 3 to 10 members, depending on the diversity of skills required.
  • Advisory Team members are not directors in the client organisation; but can be.
  • The Advisory Team will use Advisory & Mentoring's mentors and expert skills to deal with any issues that the client refers to it.
  • The Advisory Team appoints one of its members as the Relationship Manager for that client.
  • The client pays a monthly retainer to Advisory & Mentoring regardless of the frequency of meetings or activities.
  • This monthly fee covers the use of any / all Advisory Team members including any reviews, assessments, meetings or workshops requested by the client.
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Benefits from the Advisory Team

The benefits to the client organization include:

  • An advisory group that has on-going understanding of the client’s business and organisation – decreases the need to continuously brief outsiders;
  • A range of relevant experts available to assist and who understand the business;
  • Lowers the cost of supporting a large board, and Advisory Board and some consulting tasks – access to team members on an on-going basis is typically less expensive than the cost of a single junior executive;
  • No time-lagging in getting advice;
  • Pre-circulated agenda enabling only relevant and focussed discussion;
  • Can be conducted digitally or in-person or a mix of both;
  • The Advisory Team nominates a single Team Leader to undertake all coordination and communication with the Team members thus minimising client workload;
  • Advisory Team members are not Directors of the client organisation but may be invited by the client to join its Board;
  • Wonderfully augments a small Board with limited skill-sets;
  • The Advisory Team can bring in technical specialists in over 300 areas at no cost for the initial briefing.


Advisory Team attributes

Advisory Teams are flexible and vary in size and composition, yet, their objectives are identical – deliver the client value by providing excellent, timely, pragmatic, honest, achievable and cost effective advice and strategies that will assist the client achieve their objectives.
Advisory & Mentoring meet with the client to discuss, in some detail, the nature, extent and impact of the issues facing them. Advisory & Mentoring then compose a tentative Advisory Team to meet the client’s objectives and deal with its issues and challenges.
A tentative list of Advisory Team members with a description of each member’s skills and experience are presented to the client for their consideration. The client may meet with each prospective Team members, either face-to-face or virtually. The client can, of course accept or request an alternate specialist for any of the skills necessary for that Team.
An Advisory Team leader is chosen by Advisory & Mentoring and approved by the client.

  • The Advisory Team Leader is the communication point from Team members to the client and from the client to the Team members.
  • The Advisory Team may meet (virtually) as frequently as needed by the client.
  • The Advisory Team and client may choose to run sub-committees of the Team that includes client executives who may have their own agenda, tasks and time frames, but which is coordinated through the Advisory Team Leader.
  • Where larger projects or tasks are required and agreed by the client, the Advisory Team or some or one of its members may undertake it as a special project outside the Advisory Team with a unique financial arrangement.
  • The client pays for the Advisory Team on a monthly retainer basis.

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