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12pivotpoints book May 12, 2023
peter lund - author and leadership expert

Over the last few years, you have probably seen regular newsletters, webinars, and other information from Advisory & Mentoring.

Our clients, of course, have seen much more from us – increased profit, increased sales, lower costs, lower risk, new opportunities. It’s what we do and what we’re known for.

Behind all of this are our people – because without them, nothing would happen. One of these people is one of Advisory & Mentoring’s founding directors – Peter Lund.

We are delighted to announce the release of Peter’s brilliant new book Leadership Handbook: Guide for Leadership Success.

When you review this wonderful and powerful book, you’ll immediately understand why Advisory & Mentoring is so amazing and innovative in what it does and the outcomes it delivers.

This easy to read and very practical book presents a unique approach to leadership based on experience – not on theory, philosophy, or even academia. It’s based on the lived experience of an effective leader.

These influences are discussed from three dimensions:
• Those influences inherent within the leader’s personality and psychology and the way those influences impact outcomes and performance effectiveness.
• Those aspects of leadership that ultimately determines a leader’s “magnetism” for their people - because a leader without followers is a person walking alone.
• The book identifies the core skills needed to be an effective leader.

The book notes that we are all different and we each possess some, most, or very few of the attributes needed to be an effective leader.

For that reason, for each of the topics discussed across these three dimensions, this book provides an easy to follow but unique guide for present and aspiring leaders to better handle their leadership.

The book helps leaders deal with the negative impacts of those influences by raising questions that trigger remedial actions. It then provides a process for the leader to follow. Specifically:
• The extent that each of the influences affect the leader’s ability to accurately assess issues, problems, and opportunities.
• The extent that the influences affect the leader’s ability to formulate an effective solution to the issue, problem, or opportunity.
• Identifies the actions and processes the leader should adopt to ensure a better outcome.

This book demonstrates that there’s a lot that leaders need to understand and control for their leadership to be effective and successful.

The principles and lessons discussed are wonderfully summarised through a number of principles or take-outs that are critical to successful leadership.

The audience for the wisdom within this book includes:

Current leaders – Most leaders experience multiple challenges that they or their organisation are failing to deal with. This book offers both new perspectives and a novel approach to understanding and resolving issues. Leaders will find this book valuable because effective leaders are always open to opportunities to improve.
Current managers – Managers are leaders of their areas of responsibility. Like the CEO, they encounter their own challenges related to their roles. This book offers them the tools to perform more effectively and to achieve their role-specific objectives.
People aspiring to leadership – Employees with career aspirations are always looking for more effective ways to show their competence and to demonstrate their managerial potential. The book demonstrates a smart way for them to come to the attention of managers and to advance their careers.
Boards of Management – Boards have a responsibility to ensure that the organisation’s performance is optimal. However, they rely on executive management to deliver performance. Yet executives who lead are not perfect and they cannot answer every question nor resolve every challenge. After all, nobody knows everything about anything. Using the methodology and way of thinking presented by Peter in this brilliant book, the board is able to ensure the natural biases and limitations of very-human executives are not impeding required performance.
Students of leadership – This very insightful book provides a unique approach to leadership and the issues faced by leaders. The student of leadership will explore and understand that having a practical and experience-based approach to their area of interest is an excellent way to help an organisation deal with its issues, problems and opportunities.

Peter’s amazing book is all about helping organisations convert aspiration into outcomes.

So, why does Advisory & Mentoring appear to be “pushing” Peter’s book? Because Advisory & Mentoring’s focus is about just that - helping organisations convert aspiration into outcomes – and Peter has done a brilliant job in assisting leaders to fulfill this objective.

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And if you want to buy this fabulous book, then you can do this on Amazon right here.

The very proud Advisory & Mentoring management team!


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