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digital speaker Jan 11, 2023
robin speculand- digital and implementation

You know the predictions for your industry and you know the importance of both excellence in execution and a growing need for digitisation.

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You will not be disappointed as expert Robin Speculand has a wealth of experience in this field and has written many books including an Amazon best-seller.

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Webinar content

As Robin Speculand launches a new book: Strategy Implementation Playbook: A Step-By-Step Guide.

Strategy implementation rarely, if ever, goes according to plan. Discover how to close the strategy implementation gap. Structured around their propriety Strategy Implementation Road Map©, this Playbook is packed with easy-to-adopt tools, tips and techniques, external articles, references, and video links.

Discover the Strategy Implementation Road Map© to guide your organization through its 2023 strategy implementation.

This interactive and engaging webinar shares the secrets of strategy implementation as well as highlighting:

  • The challenge of implementing strategy in a digital world
  • The most common implementation mistakes leaders make
  • Hard-won insights and best practices from around the world