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partnership May 07, 2021

Advisory & Mentoring (A&M) and PRI from Indonesia are now partners

PRI is a boutique Human Capital consulting firm based in Jakarta and with alliances in Asia Pacific, Africa, Europe, USA and Canada.

Since 1994 they have worked across National and International organisations, Government, NGO, Private and Public sectors.

Specialisations are C-Suite search, Executive Mentoring and Coaching, Psychometric Leadership Assessments and Development, Board Advisory, Compliance and Corporate Governance, Intercultural Effectiveness Training, Human Capital Strategic Planning.

Together with their clients, they work to develop and implement strategies that meet short- and longer-term objectives in addition to improving performance and adding sustainable value.

Thierry Bayle, Co-Founder, said that, “South-East Asia and Asia in general is a growth area that our clients are eager to tap into and develop further for those who are already there. We know however, that a company's success is dependent on the quality of its talents and every company must have a talent acquisition strategy.  By working together with PRI, we strengthen our proposition and we can support our respective clients long term in this region."


Advisory & Mentoring Pte. Ltd ( helps companies and executives world-wide improve their performance.
They offer three core services: Advisory Teams that make a group of hand-picked and specific experts continuously available to a company and its executives. This team commonly replaces an Advisory Board and many costly consultants. Confidential Mentors to executives, helping them work through many high-impact decisions. Subject Experts who provide deep knowledge and experience in over 300 areas of specialty related to business and organizations.

They also provide free Master Class webinars on a range of topics and advisory and consulting services to clients.

Contact them for more information: [email protected]

If you would like to connect with us or our partner, then let us know at [email protected].