How to become a Strategy Implementation Expert

management Feb 18, 2022
strategy execution including digital with robin speculand and antonio nieto-rodriguez

At Advisory & Mentoring, there isn't a month where we see companies of all sizes being negatively impacted by poor strategy implementation.

What if ... your business could discover the roadmap to deliver effective strategy implementation?

The first option is for us to talk and work together and alongside our experts understand your business and bring solutions to make all future implementation plan a success.

Alternatively, you could join this programme from the Strategy Implementation Institute and use our A&M coupon code to access an extra discount on the course offer (code AMHST43DJU5).

We are pleased to advise that your Master Strategy Implementation Expert, Robin Speculand who is based in Singapore, is offering you or your clients through his Strategy Implementation Institute a unique online course and certification to become a Strategy Implementation Professional (SIP). You learn a framework for implementing strategy – the Strategy Implementation Road Map.

Speakers: Robin Speculand & Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez, co-founders of the
Strategy Implementation Institute.

Benefits when you join the programme to become an expert in strategy implementation.

  • FREE Institute Membership Subscription for the first year
  • Once you purchase the seven module course, you can access it for up to 12 weeks.You are free to study whenever it suits you and at your own pace. The course takes approximately 28 hours of studying and combines videos, articles and presentation and involves discussions with other members.
    The seven modules are: 1) Leadership Execution, 2) Financial Value, 3) Business Model, 4) Culture Evolving, 5) Stakeholder Management, 6) Employee Engagement, and 7) Tracking Performance.
    Develop the skills and tools to be an implementation professional.
    Avoid the common pitfalls that cause more digital/ implementations to fail than succeed. Understand the challenges of implementation
  • Become a contributor to the living Body of Knowledge (BoK)

This is not all.
Extra bonus:
Advisory & Mentoring will offer you a free mentoring session. You can use it yourself or offer it to a friend or colleague

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