About Us

Advisory & Mentoring Pte Ltd

Advisory & Mentoring specialises in the provision of expert and experienced advice to organisations and executives in three ways: one-to-one Mentoring, through our unique Team Advisory services, and through our subject experts.
We deliver our service across the globe in a range of formats driven by the needs of our clients. Although we value face-to-face engagement, many of our mentors and subject experts are dispersed around the world. We secure the right expertise and support regardless of its location.
For that reason, our mentors and subject experts deliver their services on whatever platform is desired by the client: in-person, by phone, electronically, or on a communication platform that suits the mentor and mentee.
Out Team Advisory services provide exceptional value to the client that requires ongoing, consistent and expert advice whenever it’s required.
Our subject experts cover over 300 areas of expertise, all relating to organisational activity and performance.
Our mentors, subject experts and Team advisory members are senior, very experienced and highly competent – experts in their field. Whether it’s a one-on-one mentor, a subject expert or a Team Advisory service, we go through a rigorous screening, evaluation and reference checking process to ensure that everyone we offer our clients, is what they say they are and that they deliver benefit and value to our clients.
Advisory & Mentoring Pte Ltd is based in Singapore and is represented around the world.

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