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Faster Capital - A valuable partner to support your business

FasterCapital is an online incubator that supports startups by offering technical, business, and investment services.
FasterCapital has multiple programs that cover different needs for different startups: Tech cofounder, Idea to Product and Grow your startup. FasterCapital is an industry and country agnostic incubator and accelerator.

Press Release
Advisory & Mentoring from Singapore and Faster Capital from the UAE are now partners

Advisory & Mentoring Pte. Ltd ( helps companies and executives world-wide improve their performance.
They offer three core services: Advisory Teams that make a group of hand-picked and specific experts continuously available to a company and its executives. This team commonly replaces an Advisory Board and many costly consultants. Confidential Mentors to executives, helping them work through many high-impact decisions. Subject Experts who provide deep knowledge and experience in over 300 areas of specialty related to business and organizations.

They also provide free Master Class webinars on a range of topics and advisory and consulting services to clients.

Contact them for more information: [email protected]

FasterCapital is an online incubator and accelerator based in Dubai. FasterCapital has developed four programs to support startups. Through the Tech Cofounder program, FasterCapital’s internal team will work as the technical team of the startups and will create/develop the app/website for the startup. Also, FasterCapital will invest 50% of the money that the technical development requires. The Idea to Product program is similar but specific to very early-stage startups and for entrepreneurs who only have an idea (even if they have not prepared a business plan yet).
Through FasterCapital’s Grow your Startup program you will have the opportunity to internationalize your product, test it and receive customer feedback on it, enter new markets, and increase revenues.
The fourth program is for startups and businesses that are raising capital. The Raise Capital program matches founders with global funding sources.

For more information, please check the websites of FasterCapital and Advisory & Mentoring.

Mr. Hesham Zreik commented on this partnership, “We are glad to collaborate with Advisory & Mentoring and in supporting startups and small businesses from around the world.”

Dr Jacoby said that, “Advisory & Mentoring were excited to partner with Faster Capital.” He said that “there were many technology-based entrepreneurial initiatives that need the support that Faster Capital can provide. The future looks both exciting and vibrant.”


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