Master Class Webinar Series

Why women are great for sales and the bottom line

It’s time we give women more credit for the real value they deliver to teams, customers, and business results.
Research shows that women have a higher win rate than men, which is consistent with the fact that women rate higher in key competencies for top sales performers.
However, research shows that the sales function has the second largest gender equity gap of all business functions after supply chain. The same research shows that companies with more women in their workforce achieve better business results. In addition, different research has found that sales units led by female managers displayed higher effectiveness in terms of better job satisfaction and job involvement; lower role ambiguity, job anxiety, and burnout; higher organisational commitment; and with a lower propensity for staff to leave.

So, business and sales leaders, what are we waiting for?

Join Sue Barrett where she will explore and answers questions on:

1. Why it pays to have more women in your sales team and leadership roles
2. What women and men can learn from each other when it comes to sales and leadership
3. What are the qualities that women bring to sales, especially large complex sales, that put them in the upper echelons of sales performers?
4. Women are progressing but there are still obstacles in their way. What's preventing women from reaching their potential?

February 24th 2021

Guest Speaker: Susan Barrett

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