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Making Governance for Every Company.
The Assessment Methodology of Corporate Governance in Small, Medium and Large Enterprises

Most large companies apply rule-based governance by complying with international rules such as the Sarbanes–Oxley Act, King Report on Corporate Governance, or the Cadbury Report. However, these rules require matters and issues that small and medium enterprise (SME) cannot fulfill, or it is not applicable for non-large companies. Although rule-based governance is not applicable for SMEs, SMEs must apply principle-based governance.

This webinar will explain the principles of governance and show the basic requirements that satisfy the principles of governance for every company.

The webinar will demonstrate how to assess the requirements of governance based on the size of company, the objectives of strategy, and the cost of applications.
It will explain how to plan transient governance that grows equally with the growth of the company until it reaches the governance level that fulfils the required principles and rules. 

Your speaker

Dr. Sadeq AlAbdulwahab is a governance expert at Advisory and Mentoring Pte Ltd, and CEO of Management Doctor Consultancy Center.

Sadeq AlAbdulwahab is a Doctor of Management with 21 years’ Experience. He is a certified management trainer by Kingston Academy and a certified Management Consultant with VETASSESS. He worked for 4 years as governance advisor for the board of directors at Nawat Holding Company. Dr. Sadeq has provided many training courses in governance, crisis management, strategy management, business continuity planning, succession planning and leadership development.
He has also authored many papers related to governance and related subjects. He authored a textbook titled “Leadership Development Process: Triplex process of assessing, promoting and empowering leaders”. In this textbook, Dr. Sadeq provides many methodologies to empower leaders through proper governance.

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