Executive Master Class Webinar Program

Stop Telling, Start Coaching

"As Artificial Intelligence (AI) makes more decisions, the nature of leadership will change. Leaders’ hard skills will continue to be eclipsed by smart machines, but their soft skills will become more important than ever."
Harvard Business Review

Now more than ever we need people to coach with empathy, skill and insight.

Today's agile, hybrid environment demands more asynchronous sharing through digital collaboration tools, while resources, including time, are often constrained.

The question being asked now is how can leaders help their teams thrive in this continually changing workplace and resist the temptation of telling people what to do – when it’s often quicker and easier to just give instructions and expect people to do what they’ve been told.

Well now that theory has blown up in the faces of leaders as new cohorts of people want to be coached rather than told.

In this 45 minute interactive webinar participants will learn how to ask questions rather than give instructions and help themselves and their people achieve a better balance between risk and reward, time and energy and work and productivity.

They will also have access to some of the best probing questions to ask their people when helping with planning, looking for commitment, helping them check in, make emotional connections and draw out more from them.

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Learn more about Ricky Nowak

Ricky Nowak is the founding Director of Ricky Nowak and Associates, a boutique leadership consultancy specialising in helping leaders in the professional services industry achieve sustainable and commercial results for themselves, their teams and their businesses - especially in uncertain times. By dramatically increasing their ability to lead with authenticity and communicate with confidence, Ricky helps clients increase their leadership capability and resilience, improve staff engagement and increase their levels of performance and productivity. She is a keynote speaker, MC, Panel Moderator in her spare time!

Ricky Nowak is the author of four business books, facilitated over 4000 events throughout Australasia and works with top 100 companies and people across almost all industries. She is one of only 97 Speakers holding the Global Speaking Accreditation of a Certified Speaking Professional and is a certified Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Executive Coach.

She coaches members of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and Women In Banking and Finance, as well as having many private clients in professional service firms. Ricky also runs interactive workshops and gives keynote presentations at Conferences. She is a Certified Human Resource Professional, Psychometric profiler, accredited workplace assessor and regular media commentator and loves to Keynote, MC or facilitate Panels at Conferences.