Master Class Webinar Program

Tactical & Strategic Planning
When Facing Runaway Risks 

Key-words: Planning, Value, Sustainability, Climate Change, Green Projects, Evaluation, Risk-informed, Runaway risks.

Recent disasters such as large-scale fires, flooding, hail and dust storms, locusts and epidemics linked to various hazards around the world demonstrate the need to enhance tactical and strategic planning to foster healthy awareness and reduce fears and panic reactions.

Climatic divergence from long term averages and “usual extremes”, both in terms of frequencies and intensities, reinforces this need.
Furthermore, a new wave of Green Deals (EU), the Paris agreement and other efforts from key players around the world will require careful evaluations and risk-informed decisions to avoid financial blunders, unsustainable decisions.

Consider this webinar as a medicine to help containing fear and knee-jerk reactions, reduce blunders, enhance value building and ethics, while planning for climate change and other “runaway” hazards.

The main takeaways will be the numerous real-life examples showing how modern techniques allow to trace a sustainable path through uncertainty, generate value and reinforcing ethical positioning of a corporation.

June 30th 2021

Guest Speaker: Dr Franco Oboni

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Dr. Franco Oboni, Ph.D. leads Riskope, a Vancouver/Switzerland based leader in enterprise-wide risk assessment and risk informed decision making using ORE.
ORE is a proprietary platform. The acronym stands for Optimum Risk Estimates.

Franco’s actions lead to operational, tactical and strategic planning enhancements through risk informed decision making. ORE adds value to corporations and projects by shedding light on upside and downside risks, mitigation effects. Franco also supports companies in negotiations, litigations, mediations, acquisitions and delivers support in contracts and insurance arrangements.

Clients include Global 1000 companies, natural resources, agri-forest, railroads, wharves, regional and provincial governments, suppliers (food, non-food, luxury, fashion and automotive), large insurances. Franco has world-wide cross-cultural experience and is fluent in five languages, including German, and has good understanding of written Portuguese.

Franco has authored/co-authored over fifty papers, four books or dedicated chapters and also a fiction novel entitled “The Omani Link”. A fifth book (published by Springer) will hit the stores by mid-2021. It bears specifically on the evaluation of “run-away” risks such as COVID-19, climate change and other emerging threats.