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The story and lessons from one of the top 10 digital transformations in the world – The DBS Bank Story

Harvard Business Review ranked DBS Bank in the top 10 digital transformations of the last decade.

Simultaneously the bank was awarded the World’s Best Bank by Euromoney, The Banker and Global Finance over a 12-month period. It is the first bank in the world to receive this recognition.

How did DBS achieve this recognition and successfully transform when more than one out of digital transformations fail?

Under the stewardship of CEO Piyush Gupta, the bank transformed from banking being a pain to “Making Banking Joyful” for its customers. Discover how the bank leveraged technology to make banking invisible to achieve this.

This webinar highlights how DBS created a 28,000-employee start-up, transformed its core and became customer-obsessed—the bank’s three strategic priorities for implementation. It explains what the bank did differently to implement its strategy while sharing intriguing lessons from three years of research, interviews and development of the book, World’s Best Bank: DBS’s Strategic Guide to Digital Transformation.


Discover how:
• The bank’s digital purpose aligned and inspired everyone.
• DBS adopted the term “GANDALF” to transform its technology architecture.
• DBS initially engaged employees and encouraged innovation by introducing hackathons.
• Customer journeys became the core of everything the bank does.
• It became the first bank in the world to launch an ecosystem platform.
• It transformed to a digitally driven organization.
• It measures a digital strategy, showing on its P&L that digital customers are twice as valuable as traditional customers.
• It adopted agile, DevOps, design thinking, AI, ML and other tools.
• It developed algorithms to know when employees considered leaving.
• As a responsible citizen of the world, DBS is enhancing its focus on sustainability.

Woven throughout the webinar are examples and stories stemming from Robin Speculand’s research for his new book
World's Best Bank: DBS’s Strategic Guide to Digital Transformation.

July 14th 2021

Guest Speaker: Robin Speculand

Robin Speculand is a recognized pioneer and expert in strategy and digital implementation. He is driven to transform strategy implementation globally by inspiring leaders to adopt a different mindset and approach.

He is the founder of three companies and three business associations.
Robin is CEO of Bridges Business Consultancy Int and co-founder of the Strategy Implementation Institute and Ticking Clock Guys.
He is also a TEDx presenter, facilitator for IMD and an adjunct faculty member for Duke CE and Singapore Management University.
As an international bestselling author, Robin has sold more than 50,000 books worldwide.

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