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The Banking sector after Covid19:
How will it serve SMEs?

The pandemic has put the banks' SME clients on life-support from governments around the world; how will those SMEs come out of this crisis and will they be able to honour their debts to banks?

The pandemic has also radically changed how we buy, and how we pay.

It has propelled us towards a cashless society, it has changed how we finance purchases through the emerging of Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) Fintech schemes that mostly disintermediate banks.

AI in the hands of Fintechs has made great leaps in predicting borrowers' behaviours far better and more broadly than banks' traditional credit scoring systems thus making obsolete the banking sector's core competency: managing credit risk.

To cap it all, central banks in the main economies are threatening to launch their own digital currencies that would further disintermediate banks.

So, the webinar will delve into the daunting decisions that banks will have to make to stay in the game.


Speaker: Prof Dr Paul David Richard GRIFFITHS, BSc, MEng, DBA, A.Dip.C
Professor of Banking, Finance and Fintech
EM Normandie Business School – Metis Lab.

Paul is a philosophy enthusiast that strongly believes that the progress of science needs to be counterbalanced by conscience (ethics).

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June 2nd 2021

Guest Speaker: Dr Paul Griffiths

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Prior to becoming a full-time academic Paul spent many years in leadership positions at global management consulting firms, serving boards of blue-chip companies, particularly in the financial services sector.
He specialises in management of intangible assets such as intellectual capital and his research bridges across the fields of banking, Fintech, corporate governance and the knowledge economy.
Paul is a philosophy enthusiast that strongly believes that the progress of science needs to be counterbalanced by conscience (ethics).

Paul holds a Master’s degree in engineering; he has been a Humphrey Fellow (Fulbright Commission) at the University of Minnesota; and holds a doctorate in business administration (i.e., strategy-technology alignment in banking) as well as an advanced postgrad diploma in management consulting.
He is a prolific writer in professional and academic publications and a renowned speaker at conferences and seminars.
His contribution to P.D.R. Griffiths (2020) The Fintech industry: Crowdfunding in context, in Shneor, R., Zhao, L. & Flaten, B-T, ‘Advances in Crowdfunding Research and Practice’, Palgrave-Macmillan this research and practice (you can access it here for free - Paul's part at page 241) was downloaded 20,000 times in the first two months after publication.
He has forthcoming in April P.D.R. Griffiths (2021) Fintech and its Historical Perspective, in Pompella, M & Matousek, R ‘The Palgrave Handbook of Fintech and Blockchain’, Palgrave-Macmillan. His authored book Griffiths, P.D.R. (2021) Getting corporate governance right in the Knowledge Economy: Lessons from case studies in Finance, Palgrave-Macmillan (forthcoming May 2021) and his co-authored paper Enabling Responsible Banking through the application of Blockchain will inform the webinar and are recommended as pre-reading for the event.

Having lived in nine and worked in 16 countries Paul defines himself as multicultural.