Master Class Webinar Program

The 12  Pivot-Points Proven Methodology
and how to make better decisions

The 12 Pivot-Point Methodology that ensures you deliver your objectives.

When you make poor decisions that are not aligned with your objectives, you will experience much wasted time, effort and funds.

The 12 Pivot-Point methodology ensures that everything undertaken in and by the organisation contributes to its objectives.
This methodology applies to all organisations – for-profit, NFP, NGO, and even government.

The 12 Pivot-Point approach will change the way you think about your organisation and the sequence within which decisions are made and operations enhanced. It makes management clearer, easier, and much more productive.

The “loudest voice” has now been superseded by “the clearest intent”.

Join us to benefit from this powerful and unique presentation that will:

  • Challenge how you think about how an organisation works.
  • Make you reflect on how your organisation operates.
  • Force you to reflect on how your organisation makes decisions.
  • Designed for senior managers who are responsible for delivering the organisation’s objectives, and who have the power to change their organisation’s effectiveness.

Applying this methodology will:

  • Make it clearer and easier to deliver your organisation’s objectives.
  • Improve decision-making up and down the organisation.
  • Save money, time, and effort by avoiding rework.
  • Help you resolve conflicts between competing initiatives and projects.

After experiencing this method, no organisation has remained the same.

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Guest Speaker and Expert: Dr. Jack Jacoby

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